torch: The Album


It all started when…

TORCH’s self-titled first full-length album features the varied and vibrant sounds of their composer collective. As an advocate for collaboration, TORCH works with visual artists, dancers, and creatives of all types to inspire socially conscious art. A voyage of thirteen selections spanning forty minutes represents a wide representation of the diverse styles and influences of this ensemble from 20th century classical to contemporary jazz, European post-rock, and Argentine tango. Brian Chin adds: “with enough repertoire for five records, we decided to create an album that could speak to some of the best of what we do while holding together as a stand alone recording.” From the modern tango inspired opening track Tangent 7, to the Bartok inspired Air and Satie/Stravinsky adaptations, TORCH has landed solidly as a contemporary chamber ensemble worthy of note.

Released on Common Tone Records, this title is available through CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, as well as through Bandcamp and

The album was engineered by Floyd Reitsma (Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam) on August 30-31, 2017, at Nickerson Studios, Seattle, WA. Produced by TORCH, and mastered by Ed Brooks.